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Sectional Sofa with Ottoman L - Black Leather OSLO


-21% 1799.00 $

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12 months

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Shipping:: Free

Warranty Duration: 12 months

Article:: 72589-4388

Assembled: partially
Time to Assemble:: 70 min

Total weight: 242 lbs



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The elegant, black corner sofa made of leather is an ideal match of a sofa and a chaise lounge, complemented with a stylish ottoman. The exceptionally long chaise lounge offers an incredible relax after work.

The stable legs create an ultra-modern look. This corner is a must have and with the ottoman, it becomes even more functional. The ottoman may be set with a sofa creating additional space or can serve as a coffee table.

Side and front parts are upholstered with genuine leather and the rest is made of durable and stain-resistant faux leather (PVC) - all in timeless black color.

Type: Sectional Sofa
Color: Black
Main Material: Leather
Additional Material: Metal
Seats Up To: 4 People
Weight Capacity: 882 lbs
Assembly: Partial Assembly Required
Shape: L-Shaped
Arm Style: Track
Key Features: Wide and Deep Seat
High Quality
Contemporary Design
Well-Suited for Variety of Home Decor
Safe and Stable Mounting
Utter Sitting Comfort
Height: 25 inch
Width: 106 inch
Depth: 59 inch
Legs Height: 5 inch
Seating Surface: 91 x 53 inch
Cushions: 16 x 16 inch
Seat Height: 18 inch
Offer Includes: 1 x Corner
1 x Ottoman
Cushions included
Sectional Sofa with Ottoman L - Black Leather OSLO_882
Top grade quality leather!
Sectional Sofa with Ottoman L - Black Leather OSLO_883
Precise and attractive seams!
Sectional Sofa with Ottoman L - Black Leather OSLO_884
Rugged chromed legs!
Sectional Sofa with Ottoman L - Black Leather OSLO_673704

  • Genuine leather does no require special maintenance. It is sufficient to wipe it with a delicate, cotton cloth every week and clean wet once a month
  • It is recommended to use leather care conditioners before and after the heating season. Do not use stain removers, turpentine, shoe polish and any other kinds of grease. Abrasive cleaning agents may leave scratch marks and cause the leather to darken
  • Wet stains should be wipe dry immediately
  • Do not use microfibre cloth since they may leave scratch marks
  • It is advisable to avoid scrubbing since it may leave unaesthetic scratching marks. Use a transparent eraser instead
  • Remove greasy stains with vinegar essence
  • In order to avoid limescale forming, it is recommended to use leather care products based on distilled water
  • Vacuum using a special tip
  • Try to avoid putting leather sofas in highly sunny places or next to radiators. Hot air or UV rays may cause the leather to dry and discolorize

Material: Faux Leather

  • Clean once a week with a damp cloth
  • Work on small stains with distilled water and a dry cloth
  • Try removing persistent dirt with mild, soap based solutions
  • Please use only mild detergents and special faux leather care products
  • Avoid microfiber cloths as they may leave scratches on the surface
  • Faux leather requires regular moisturizing but unlike genuine leather, not greasing
  • Vacuum using a special tip
Packing Units: 1 X Sofa, OSLO L, black, Carton 1/3, LB (101.2 lbs) 66.93 x 22.83 x 34.65 inch (L x W x H)
1 X Sofa, OSLO L, black, Carton 2/3, LB (103.4 lbs) 61.42 x 22.05 x 41.73 inch (L x W x H)
1 X Ottoman OSLO, black, Carton 3/3, LB v.II (37.4 lbs) 38.58 x 15.35 x 29.53 inch (L x W x H)

Average rating is

4.92 / 5.00 out of 12 Ratings

Questions from shop visitors about this product (8):

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I really like this set. I've seen it listed on other sites as having steel legs but on your site it says chrome. Are the legs a shiny chrome or are they a matte chrome....similar to stainless steel? Thank you.

The legs are made of stainless steel. They are shiny.



Will you be reordering this sofa? If not, is there any way to put it on layaway?

Currently the left-facing black leather OSLO sofa is in stock. We do not offer the monthly payment.



What color are the back cushions? Photo makes them look grey but it is not mentioned in the description.

The back cushions on the OSLO sofa are black.



Are the back cushions sewn down to the frame of the couch or are they loose pillows? Also can you separate the chaise from the couch to arrange it as 2 separate pieces? Last question: If I bought this I would want an additional separate love seat with arms on both sides made from the same leather, could you make that?

The cushions on the sofa are loose. It is possible to arrange this product as two separate pieces, however please do note that this sofa has been designed to be used just as it is presented in the pictures. If you place it in a different manner, some assembly elements might be visible. We do not offer custom made orders.



This product is currently out of stock according to this website. Can you please clarify the date?

We are expecting the product back in stock within 2 weeks. It can be pre-ordered through our website.



Do you have this one with a left chaise?

The OSLO sofa is available only with a left chaise from the perspective of a sitting person.



What is the seat dimension from the back to front? Also - does it come in white?

The seat dimension is 25,19 in. Oslo sofa is available in black, brown or beige leather.



I like this one. Can you tell me about the inside of the couch? Does it fill with down? How about the cushion?

The couch, as well as the cushions, is filled inside with foam. The sofa cushions are high density foam that hold their shape for quite a long time. There is no down in the sofa.


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