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Curved Sectional Sofa - Cream Leather ROTUNDE


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Warranty Duration:

12 months

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Shipping:: Free

Warranty Duration: 12 months

Article:: 71460-2903

Assembled: partially
Time to Assemble:: 70 min

Total weight: 389 lbs



Define your living room style with this sectional leather sofa. The circular design and generous seating make this sofa a brilliant enhancement to any space.

This beautifully crafted sofa consists of genuine cowhide leather on all seating surfaces, including back and armrests, chrome legs, a sturdy hardwood base, notably comfortable cushions and headrest. If you're about to fill a large space in your home, this piece is sure to make a tremendous statement, and leave your guests in awe!

Type: Curved Sofa
Color: Cream
Main Material: Leather
Additional Material: Eucalyptus Wood
Seats Up To: 7 People
Weight Capacity: 1477 lbs
Assembly: Partial Assembly Required
Shape: Curved
Arm Style: Track
Key Features: Fantastic Seating Comfort
Great Relaxation Spot
High Quality
Elegant and Modern Design
Crafted With Care and Precision
Height: 30 inch
Width: 176 inch
Depth: 93 inch
Legs Height: 4 inch
Armrest Height: 30 inch
Padding Thickness: 7 inch
Seat Foam Density: 1 lb/ft3
Seat Height: 18 inch
Offer Includes: 1 x Sofa
Curved Sectional Sofa - Cream Leather ROTUNDE_288425
Top grade quality leather!
Curved Sectional Sofa - Cream Leather ROTUNDE_288426
Precise and attractive seams!
Curved Sectional Sofa - Cream Leather ROTUNDE_288427
Rugged chromed legs!
Curved Sectional Sofa - Cream Leather ROTUNDE_670688

Material: Leather

  • Genuine leather does no require special maintenance. It is sufficient to wipe it with a delicate, cotton cloth every week and clean wet once a month
  • It is recommended to use leather care conditioners before and after the heating season. Do not use stain removers, turpentine, shoe polish and any other kinds of grease. Abrasive cleaning agents may leave scratch marks and cause the leather to darken
  • Wet stains should be wipe dry immediately
  • Do not use microfibre cloth since they may leave scratch marks
  • It is advisable to avoid scrubbing since it may leave unaesthetic scratching marks. Use a transparent eraser instead
  • Remove greasy stains with vinegar essence
  • In order to avoid limescale forming, it is recommended to use leather care products based on distilled water
  • Vacuum using a special tip
  • Try to avoid putting leather sofas in highly sunny places or next to radiators. Hot air or UV rays may cause the leather to dry and discolorize

Material: Faux Leather

  • Clean once a week with a damp cloth
  • Work on small stains with distilled water and a dry cloth
  • Try removing persistent dirt with mild, soap based solutions
  • Please use only mild detergents and special faux leather care products
  • Avoid microfiber cloths as they may leave scratches on the surface
  • Faux leather requires regular moisturizing but unlike genuine leather, not greasing
  • Vacuum using a special tip
Packing Units: 1 X Sofa, ROTUNDE, white, Carton 1/4, ver. II, LB (118.8 lbs) 79.53 x 26.77 x 39.76 inch (L x W x H)
1 X Sofa, ROTUNDE, white, Carton 2/4, ver. II, LB (99 lbs) 64.17 x 26.77 x 37.01 inch (L x W x H)
1 X Sofa, ROTUNDE, white, Carton 3/4, ver. II, LB (94.6 lbs) 64.17 x 26.77 x 37.01 inch (L x W x H)
1 X Sofa, ROTUNDE, white, Carton 4/4, ver. II, LB (77 lbs) 74.80 x 15.75 x 38.58 inch (L x W x H)

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5.00 / 5.00 out of 21 Ratings

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What kind leather on this round sofa and do u offer 5 years warrnty .

This sofa consists of genuine cowhide leather on all seating surfaces, including back and armrests The remaining parts are synthetic leather.Beliani offers up to one year warranty on all furniture. If desired, this warranty can be prolonged trouble-free for up to five years in exchange for a small additional charge.



I need additional information as to the location of the genuine leather and synthetic leather are. The sofa will be placed in the center of an open floor.

All the seating surfaces (everywhere your body touches seating surface, back of seating and armrests) are all made from top grain leather and the rest is bonded leather (on the low traffic areas).



Can this one be made without the chase, just 4/4 part finished symmetrically with arm rest (half a circle - symmetrical unit). Does this sofa come in other colors?

We do not offer customization of our products. The ROTUNDE sofa comes in black, brown and white leather and beige, light grey and dark grey fabric.



Do you have the beautiful Rotunde sectional in fabric with a right-hand chaise?

We sell the ROTUNDE sectional only in the form presented in the pictures available on our website. We do not offer customization of our products.



Love this sofa, is there a store in my area that I can look at it and sit on it? Are all the back cushions loose? I am in Naples Florida

We are an online retailer and only have a small showroom in Toronto where we are based. The back cushions are all loose and can be taken off but when in place they don't move due to heavy velcro.



I live in a condominium building, which has a freight elevator to my floor. Will the Home Standard Service provide for delivery of this sofa inside my condo apartment?

If you wish to have the sofa delivered inside your house, you can choose the Home Standard Service. It will be enough.



I am interested in purchase of this sofa with an in-home delivery, and removal/disposition of an old love seat. During the purchase/checkout steps for this item online, no options were available for "removal/disposition of an old furniture". Does Beliani offer this service, and if so, how can it be included with this purchase order?

We do offer home delivery service, but "removal/disposition of an old furniture" is not possible.



Can ROTUNDE white be divided into two? Can I use it as two sofas (2 parts and 2 parts) or (3 parts and 1 part)? In the picture of the internet RAKUTEN the sofa is divided into two (3 parts and 1 part). If it is used as two separate sofas, how does the side look?

The ROTUNDE set is meant to be set up as a whole. One can theoretically use it as two or three separate pieces, but please bear in mind that the pieces are connected with metal elements and the connecting places are going to be visible.



What do we have to assamble or does it come assambled? Does the Freight Co. assamble for you?

The product comes partially assembled and one would need less than an hour to put it up together. The whole process is not very difficult and you are provided with the manual to help you.



Where this product is made? Do you ship to Montreal Canada? Do I have to pay customs?

All our products are being manufactured in China. Yes, we do ship to Montreal, Canada. In order to have the delivery arranged in Canada, please do visit our www.beliani.ca website. While ordering in Canada, there is no need to pay customs.


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