Terms & Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions are an integral and supplementary part of an order placed with Beliani LLC., based in Delaware, DE  (hereafter "Beliani"), for orders placed via the Internet or by telephone.



Unless otherwise agreed, deliveries shall be performed in accordance with the presented sample or model and its description. Colour, structure and processing shall be subject to change. Furthermore, any information shall be subject to errors due to technical deficiencies of our shop system or incorrect information provided by our suppliers.


Territorial Validity of our Offers and Prices

All prices are strictly net and include value-added tax in the case of delivery prices and shipping charges. The indicated delivery prices and shipping charges shall not apply to any orders with delivery addresses at remote locations. For such orders, please enquire about our conditions of shipment or delivery. We shall be happy to make you a favourable offer.



We shall deliver our goods within the indicated delivery periods according to the product description. Our products are delivered only on specified delivery dates in accordance with the product description. Except cases for which we are not responsible. No claim for compensation is possible in the event of delays in delivery as well as of not delivering within the set delivery dates. Deliveries shall only be made to the curbside and not to the home, maximally to the point to which the carrier can drive his vehicle.

The time specified in the dates are related to working days (from Monday to Friday) and not to the entire week (weekend and public holidays).

Time of Ordering, Ownership

The contract between Beliani and you as the Customer shall come into existence at the time and date when you accept the General Terms and Conditions and bindingly confirm an order on our website. You as the Customer hereby recognise the logged content of our website as a means of evidence. You shall receive an email containing your order as a confirmation if correct information has been provided. Until the full payment of the purchase price, the goods shall remain the property of Beliani. Said company shall be entitled to cause a relevant entry in the Register of Title Retentions at the Buyer"s expense if it considers the claim to be at risk.


Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Payments are handled by the company Beliani , Lindenstrasse 16, 6341 Baar, Switzerland.



The copyright to the design of our website and to its contents, including but not limited to texts and graphics, is held entirely by Beliani. Without our prior written consent, it shall not be permitted to copy, download or otherwise use any part thereof for one"s own purpose. This shall not apply to our special links that are provided for downloading.


Liability and Applicable Law

We shall not be liable for any damage that we could not have influenced ourselves. For any damage which results from the purchase, shipment or use of the products and which we could have prevented, we shall be liable up to the purchase amount of the product. The maximum amount of loss shall be limited to C$ 5000 in any case. For any offsetting of claims, the consent of both Parties shall be necessary. In the case of any damage or complaints, the Parties shall undertake to initially seek direct contact or to use all other possibilities of arbitration prior to resorting to litigation. Canadian law shall apply. The place of jurisdiction shall be Toronto.


Complaints and Warranty

Any complaints shall be made within 8 days after the receipt of the goods. Any defects emerging at a later date, i.e. during the warranty period, shall be reported immediately after their discovery. As a rule, the warranty period for our products is indicated in the purchase agreement, which you shall receive in advance or together with the delivery. In the absence of such indication, a warranty period of 12 months shall apply. The guarantee commences on the day of purchase.

To claim the warranty the buyer is obligated to show the sales document.

You may return any goods within 14 days.

Any damage resulting from wear and tear, ageing or improper handling shall be excluded from the warranty. The minor damages are defined as any damages not noticeable with a bare eye in natural lighting conditions from the distance of 3 meters standing diagonally to a damaged product. In case of the minor damages any claims against the seller are unfounded. The warranty shall expire if the goods have been processed or altered despite recognisable defects. Our furniture is intended solely for private, personal and non-commercial use. The guarantee does not cover any damages resulting from any kind of commercial applications.

Defects shall be rectified by Beliani free of charge, unless Beliani prefers to provide faultless goods by way of replacement. Any further claims shall be excluded.  For defects that are not covered by the warranty of the seller, the buyer will receive a suitable offer. Under warranty, the customer has to return at his expense the goods within 14 days after discovery of the defect to the warehouse address the seller is specifying. In case of replacement, the customer pays for shipping expenses.

All the services (payment fees, express delivery, installation, etc.) are excluded from the refund. In case of technical products or built-in appliances, the customer has to identify the faulty part himself or ask a qualified technician to do so, and send the item to us.


365 Day Return Policy 

Your satisfaction is most important for us. If you do not like your product or it doesn’t fit, you can return it within 365 days. The following rules apply:

Return period
30 days
31 - 365 days
Who covers delivery costs in the event of additional transportation costs?
Who covers the costs of the return?
Who covers the costs of the delivery of the returned product?Originally packed and ready for transport, prepared at the curb side.Originally packed, not used and ready for transport, prepared at the curb side.
What to do when you do not have the original packaging?
The customer should return the goods in original packaging. However, if it is not possible, the customer can organize an alternative packaging on their own. After Customer Service receives the image of the packaging and confirms that it protects the product appropriately, goods can be shipped without the original packaging.
Large dimension deliveriesWe organize pick up of the product within 14 days, as soon as the customer gives notice of the product being ready.
Parcel deliveries (small products)We organize pick up of the product within 14 days, as soon as the customer gives notice of the product being ready.
When will the customer be refunded?The customer will receive a refund within 7 days of the return to our warehouse.The customer will receive a gift certificate in the amount of the product value within 7 days of the return to our warehouse.
We do not refund–additional services (e.g. assembly, express delivery etc.)
–payment costs.
Foreign deliveriesIn the case of foreign deliveries and returns, additional costs may apply.
Excluded from returnsAny hygiene articles (bed linen, pillows and blankets, towelling, mattresses, mattress covers etc.) will be accepted only in their unopened original packaging only.



Beliani grants a full right of return within thirty days of receipt of the product by the Customer. We shall accept hygiene articles (bed linen, pillows and blankets, towelling etc.) in their unopened original packaging only. The purchase price shall be refunded if the goods are returned in their original packaging. A drop-off can be arranged for returns upon mutual consent between Beliani and the Customer. Shipping charges will apply for return shipments. In case of replacement, the customer pays for shipping expenses.


Transportation risks, damages and transport insurance

Transportation is at the risk of the customer, but is partially covered by a transport insurance. The customer is obliged to immediately review the accuracy, completeness and integrity of the goods delivered or picked up. The damage of the goods delivered or collected must be reported to us no later than 24 hours after delivery by written notification. Any delivery document from the carrier must be clearly signed with the word "Damaged". If an inspection of the goods is not possible, the carrier's proof of delivery should be marked with the word "Damaged" in order to reserve all rights. The original packaging must be kept by the customer in case of a claim, it should only be disposed after written confirmation from us. At the end of the order process, the customer can optionally purchase a transport warranty, it may cover any loss and damage during transportation. A transportation warranty covers damage and loss during the transport up to the value of the goods at the time of ordering. The customer can only get a repair, exchange (new delivery) or a financial compensation up to the value of the goods. The decision to repair, exchange or financial compensation can be decided only by the seller. The damage of the goods delivered or collected must be reported to us by e-mail within 24 hours. The customer is obliged to meet these deadlines to take advantage of the warranty. The shipping warranty is not available if it was not purchased during the ordering process. In case of a product return, the amount of the transportation warranty will not be refunded. Repairs carried out by the customer without consent from us can not be further processed in the warranty.



Persons retrieving information from websites of Beliani declare that they agree to the following conditions. Possible special agreements concerning specific services or products of Beliani are effective alongside these conditions.


No warranty for completeness and accuracy

The data published on the website is provided by Beliani exclusively for personal use as well as for information purposes, it can be amended at any time without advance notice. Beliani assumes no warranty (neither explicitly nor tacitly) for the accuracy, completeness and topicality of the data published on the Beliani website, even if the required thoroughness was applied in collecting it from sources deemed to be trustworthy.


Liability limitations

Beliani excludes unconditionally any liability for loss or damage of any kind - be it for direct, indirect or consequential damage - that may arise from the use, respectively the access to the Beliani website or from links to third party websites. Beliani does not guarantee that the individual segments of its website function flawlessly. In addition, Beliani rejects any liability for unauthorised tampering with the Internet users" computer system. Thereby,  Beliani points explicitly to the dangers of viruses and the possibilities of targeted hacking attacks. In order to fight viruses we recommend the use of the latest browser versions as well as the installation of anti-virus software which is constantly updated. Opening e-mails of unknown origin and unexpected attachments in an e-mail should be categorically avoided.


Using the Beliani website

The entire content (design, text, graphics....) of the Beliani website is protected by copyright. The individual elements of the website belong exclusively to the website operator, Beliani. Storing or printing individual pages and /or passages of the Beliani website is only permitted if the complete source reference is indicated. By saving or otherwise reproducing software or other data from the Beliani website, the respective terms and conditions of use count as being accepted. All rights of ownership remain with Beliani. Reproducing (entirely or partially), transmitting (electronically or otherwise), modifying, linking with or using the Beliani website, is only permitted with the explicit and written permission of Beliani.


Linked websites

Certain links on the Beliani website direct to third party websites. These are completely outside the Beliani sphere of influence, therefore Beliani cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness and legitimacy of the content of such websites nor for possible offers and services contained therein.


Valid from 01.01.2015

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